Pastor tim's sermons

Due to current world wide concerns and the shelter in place orders all of Pastor's sermons are being uploaded to youtube.

   If you subscribe to the youtube channel you will see the services when they come up.  Thank you all for bearing with me. Pastor 

***Sermon Cloud is not being updated at this time***

for sermons, follow the youtube link above

There are three ways to hear Pastor's sermons:
1. If you click on the picture of headphones on the Sermon Cloud site, it will open a media player, and start playing the audio sermon file.
2. If you click on the down arrow, it will download the sermon file to your computer or mobile device. You will then have to open that file from your computer to listen to it.
3. You can click on the Subscribe Via RSS link near the top of the page, and it will automatically load the sermon to your device (usually in iTunes) as soon as the sermon is available. You will always have all of Pastor's sermons available in your iTunes library.